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Following our main purpose and philosophy, our After School Program* is broken down into two different classes:

1. Gardening, Recycle & Compost.

2. Yoga & Meditation.


Recycling & Composting

This class is based on our Environmental Education program. We want kids to get involved in creating a better world for everyone, with hands- on activities that help them create a connection with nature, creating brain connections, reduce stress, as well as teach responsibility, patience, teamwork and engage their natural curiosity for healthy eating. 


Yoga & Meditation

With this class we introduce the child to the magnificent world of mindfulness.

Meditation boosts our immune system, increases positive emotions, improves attentiveness,

reduces stress and anxiety. 

A dedicated and intentional yoga practice can be incredibly valuable for them: enhances physical flexibility, refines balance and coordination, develops focus and concentration, boosts self-esteem and confidence & strengthens the mind-body connection.

*We Are One Education is not licensed by Texas Health and Human Services

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